K í T  Accessories

K í T Accessories was established by us, a trio of like-minded girl bosses from corporate work backgrounds who appreciate beautifully designed lifestyle accessory products that help us stay organised.
Together we’ve designed and developed a collection of ‘Keep it Together’ gems to suit all kinds of busy on-the-go lifestyles.
— Team K í T

The Idea

We understand the challenges of work life balance; running from one appointment to another, juggling family plans, commitments and finding time for yourself.

Our products reflect our understanding of this.

We know that feeling which comes from finding a quality product that suits a real purpose, looks great and motivates you to get through your day – whatever you are doing.

The Detail

Designed and road-tested by us on the Mornington Peninsula to make sure our products are exactly how we envision them in our everyday lives.

We are proud of the care and attention to detail that we have taken to develop products that we are 100% proud of and that you will be bragging to all of your friends about!

We know it's the quality and little details that make all the difference to handle work, play and travel.